the offcial defenition

the offcial anthem of the cult

Many wonder what brought the members of our cult together. If it wasn't obvious before, what led us to the creation of our movement was our mutual love for the columbine mascot.

For years many of us wandered the earth, feeling a never ending love for the columbine mascot. Happily as of 2019 we decided to be open about our feelings and show the world how we express ourselves.

I’ve never been to this school, but dear god. The Columbine High School Mascot has the fattest ass I’ve ever seen. I would kill to vore his sweet, juicy ass. Every day I walk by and dream of shrinking him done to the smallest size I can, and voring his tasty ass. god, it’s the only thing that I care about anymore. I left my wife because I don’t love her as much as I love the Columbine High School Mascot. Karen, if you see this, I don’t regret my choices.

- Columbine Vore Cult

this paragraph, and a lot of other vore cult material, was written by an ex member of our cult, peach (the traitor). we then proceeded to send this paragraph, or copypasta, to author dave cullen, who wrote the book columbine, a very inaccurate account of the events at columbine on april 20th 1999. we sent him this message and a variety of other ones to him tumblr blog. this caused him to report people thus causing many people’s blogs to be terminated.

Our wrath will be unstopabble

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